Use the same direct link, you can load Qiota.js directly. Once loaded, qiota library will be

available on your website.

Adding the <script> tag loads Qiota’s JavaScript file. You may include this either within your <head> tag or inside the <body> part of your HTML, before the end of the page

<script src= "https://(beta/www)" ></script>

The getQiota.js file allows you to render a Qiota widget on the client side in QiotaOnboard.

Configure the container and form where the Qiota Widget will add the elements. Make sure to replace TOKEN CLIENT with your generated client token.

<div class= "qiota_onboard" > </div>

Once get the authorization you can call method for get elements onboarding div element and the qiota_onboard div will be populated

<script type="text/javascript">
 var q_token = "yourToken";
 var q_logged = true/false
 var q_subscribed = true/false
 var q_user = 
{ "user" :  {
                   "DateEndSub": date,
                   "ExpCard": date,
                   "CodeSub" : integer,
                   "NbLogin": integer
 renderQiotaOnboard(q_token, [q_user]);